Explore Karpathos


Windsurfing & Kite surfing

Due to the strong wind in the south of the island, many visitors from all over the world visit the island to experience extreme activities such as windsurfing and Kite Surfing. In Afiartis, located close to the airport, you can find three different beaches where you could try your luck. There are shops and clubs to rent boards and arrange a personal tutor.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

If you are a fun, then snorkeling in the Kastelia beach is a must, located just underneath Aegean Village Beach Resort. The coral reef there is astonishing and there are plenty of different fish species waiting for you to encounter.

Scuba diving is another way to explore the coral reef of Ammopi. Dive in with a personal tutor or with a group and experience numerous secrets hidden underneath the water. Reach up to 30 meters underwater, pass through caves and capture lifetime pictures.

Hiking and Trekking

Reveal the untouched beauty of Karpathos wild nature. There are plenty of footpaths that you could walk, either in groups or individuals.

The Vrourkounta footpath (1 hour and half, starting from Avlona) is one of the most famous, located in the far north of the island close to the village Olympos. There are red and blue signs that mark the way towards the Cave Church of St. John. You will notice carved tombs and ancient ruins along the way.

The Tristomo footpath (3 hours) is also in the north area of Karpathos. The footpath is marked along the way and is easy to find your way to Tristomo since you are going down the hill and you have clear picture of landscape.

Village Hopping


One of the biggest villages in the island, located 5km away from Aegean Village Beachfront Resort. It is highly recommended to visit, walk around the footpaths inside the village, explore the monasteries and churches located either inside the village or walking distance within it. You can capture great panoramic views from The famous church of Virgin Mary in Menetes. Once you are there make sure to visit the Folkore Museum located next to the parking area. There are plenty of traditional findings such as archeological artifacts and old agricultural tools that worth seeing. If it happens and you are in the island between the 14th and 16th of August, there is a great festival in honor of the ascent of the Virgin Mary into heaven. You can't miss it.


Located on the west side of Karpathos, approximately 15 km away from Aegean Village Beachfront Resort. Amphitheatrically built, peaceful and full of nature, Arkasa is very famous during summertime. Plenty of tavernas and bars to choose from, many Orthodox Churches to visit, such as the church of St. Anastasia in the center of the village and the Byzantium Temple of St. George in the east side. The famous beach of St Nicolas, 1 km away from Arkasa, is ideal for families with kids.


Located 35 km away from Aegean Village Beachfront Resort, Meschoxori is one of the most beautiful villages in Karpathos. Built high in the hill, this village offers great panoramic views over the Aegean sea. Walking around the paths, you can't miss the authentic traditions and the ancient architecture of the buildings. If you are in Karpathos the first week of September you should go to the festival of St Mary Vrisiani in Meschoxori.


Step into the tradition by visiting one of the most traditional villages in Greece, Olympos. Due to its remote location, far north in the island, approximately 50 km away from Aegean Village Beachfront Resort. Olympos kept its living traditions throughout the years. Old women wearing traditional clothes and moving around the village with donkeys makes it a 'living' museum that you certainly cant miss. The Windmill museum is worth visiting.

Daily Excursions


For history and nature lovers visiting Saria Island, would be the highlight of their holidays. There are boats departing every day from Pigadia port and it takes just few hours to reach Saria. Capture breathtaking pictures, hike long pathways inside the nature, observe abandoned settlements and see plenty animals are some of the interesting activities someone can do there.


A daily trip to Kasos Island is highly recommended. There is a ship called Manousos departing daily in the summer time to this majestic destination. Kasos is a unique place full of history and one of the few Aegean islands that kept its authentic character. After visiting the Nautical Museum, make sure to walk around the island and see the interior of the local houses.